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Vegetable Ivory Donut Earrings - Purple
$24.99 CAD

Vegetable Ivory Donut Earrings - Purple

Handcrafted from tagua nuts sustainably harvested, these beautiful earrings in purple are a perfect choice to accent any outfit. Tagua is the seed of an endangered species of palm trees that grow in the tropical rainforests of South America. When ripe tagua seeds fall to the ground and are sun-dried for 4-8 weeks, they become extremely hard and are ready to be carved and dyed. 

Tagua is referred to as "botanical ivory" due to its resemblance to elephant ivory and ability to be carved in the same manner. Crafting tagua into jewelry not only provides income to artisans at Piel Acida in Colombia, it also provides incentives to protect and preserve the rainforests.

  • Measures 2” high x 1-1/2” wide
  • 1/4” drop

    Handmade in Colombia and fair trade imported.