Thank you to everyone for supporting us in our recent donation of $1000 to the International Elephant Foundation!

Ganesh Collection

"Whatever the mind can believe and conceive, the mind can achieve" NH.
I'm Sol Koena Baki and this has been my motto for the past 2 years. Which, by the way, took me very far and to the most outrageous, wonderful and magical scenarios ever imagined. 
I'm born in Buenos Aires and 2 1/2 years ago I became a solo traveler. From cities to the mountains, beaches to the smallest hidden towns - I've been gifted the chance to explore my inner and outer world. I've met all kinds of people, exchanged all types of friendships, felt the deepest feelings, and allowed my creativity to let loose.

Today I'm a 500 hour yoga teacher, mandala artist, entrepreneur and jewelry maker. 

I've reached to connect with my Dharma by walking through my challenging parts hand by hand with deep pranayama techniques, music and mantras, art, crystal healing and Chakra balancing.
I met the Elephant & Co. team and learned about the mission during my travels in Asia and when I was asked to create a special collection to support elephant welfare, the Ganesh Collection was born. You'll find in my work my heartfelt intentions to expand this healing and joy to all the being vibrating this energy.
The divine Light on me honours the divine Light in you.
Welcome to Elephant & Co. Koena Baki! 
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