DIVINE FEMENINE - Compassion Elephant Mala Bead Necklace

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Heart Chakra <3

Details: 108 6mm & 8mm Rosewood and Pink Quartz beads + Pink Quartz Pendulum Guru Bead

PINK QUARTZ: This crystal is the queen love stone. It also has a very powerful feminine energy. For it’s high resonate with the heart chakra it’s used for healing of the whole physical body and balance of the chakras.

It will bestow a peaceful and calming sensation.

This stone will help us to be ourselves helping in our relationships, with understanding our needs and emotions and accepting change.

Physically it may be beneficial in reducing headaches through relieving tension and stress. It has been used to lower nightmares and insomnia when sleeping with it and soothes PMS and vertigo for its feminine nurturing energy.

AFFIRMATION: I radiate the essence of Pure Love

*Anahata Chakra - Heart - Centre of Unstruck Sound

Anahata Chakra is the energy of repulsion of like forces, like magnets with the same pole. It’s element is ether, air. It’s located in the cardiac plexus and it’s the energy that invites us to go silently inwards.

At the physiological level is the gentle energy of healing and detoxify, eliminating and pushing out what does not serve us while keeping our heart beating.

At the psychological level, Anahata energy will inspire us to connect with others for help and healing through compassion and love.

Over sensitivity, manipulation, guilt, inner sadness, the tendency to go to far inwards, low immune system,lack of self love, no empathy for others, neediness, depression are some characteristics of an unbalanced heart chakra. Balancing Anahata will bring us a radiant glow and healthy immune system, compassion and empathy towards others, joyful expression, joy when helping others, a sense of self love and confidence, intuition, perseverance and a reliable and dependable personality.